Traveler’s Notebook

The Traveler’s Notebook was created in 2006 and is now loved by traveler’s throughout 30 different countries and regions. The Traveler’s notebook is unique as it allows you to choose from four different leather covers and has more than 20 different refills. This allows for total control over what type of notebook you want yours to be!

Moreover, the fun doesn’t stop there as there are two different sizes, regular and passport. After four years of continuous love and support from Traveler’s around the globe, they have expanded from their original five refills, to more than 20. They have also created the portable passport size in 2009 and now they even have brass products, spiral ring notebooks, pen holders, and clips.

Now, alongside the Traveler’s notebook we invite you to explore, seek, and wonder to find all that this beautiful earth has to offer.

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