MD Notebook

The MD Notebooks are made of beautifully crafted paper. These are classic, Japanese – made products that use the inherent appeal of paper to enhance the writing experience.

The MD paper was established in the 1960’s and since then they have explored the possibilities of creating a writing feel so smooth that it will invite you to never stop writing.

MD Paper is crafted using a blend of advanced machinery and production balanced by the eyes, skills and passion of long time MD craftsmen, maintaining reassuring quality to those who truly appreciate the beauty of the handwritten word.

As Leonardo da Vinci stated “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” While creating MD Notebooks, the sheer beauty of simplicity was kept in mind. The notebooks being made to the upmost simplicity allows for each and every element within the notebook is utilized to their fullest extent.

Now, we invite you to open up a notebook made with the beautifully crafted MD paper and let your ideas, imagination and creativity flow.

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